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Solar Batteries

By having solar batteries installed, you can store any
excess energy generated to be used when your
panels aren’t in use.

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Greater Energy Efficiency
Save Money
Lower Carbon Footprint
Easy Installation

What is Battery Storage?

Battery storage allows you to store electricity for use at a time when you require it.
Batteries work particularly well with solar panels and Octopus energy tariffs.

Solar Panels

The solar panels generate electricity through the day. If you don’t have a battery installed then the generated electricity that isn’t being used will be fed back to the grid. With a battery, this electricity can be stored for when you require it, i.e at night. If there isn’t much electricity usage during the day (if you are out at work) solar energy won’t be being used effectively so a battery would enable you to store the energy to use in the evening and at night. This makes your panels much more efficient and you will get a better return on investment.

Octopus Agile Tariff

Another way that batteries can be effective is by allowing you to purchase energy from the grid when it is cheapest and store it until you need to use it. The Octopus Agile Tariff allows you to purchase energy during the night when the rate is low. This energy is then stored in the battery and can be used during the day, meaning a reduction in your electricity bills.

What is the Process?

Our batteries

The batteries that we install are SolaX Triple Power 4.5kWh / 6.3kWh. The more batteries that you have installed, the more energy you can store and the more money you can save!

By installing a battery you can increase your energy savings by a further 45%

Maximising your self-consumption instead of exporting back to the grid is key to a faster return on investment.

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