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Home Solar

Solar Panels

Reduce Your Electricity Bills, go Green and improve
Your Carbon Footprint with one of our Solar Packages

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Save Money

Even our lowest cost Solar Panels have the potential to save money

Go Green

Whats’ good for you is good for the planet. Take the step to improve today

Lower Carbon Output

Reducing Carbon emissions decreases deaths related to air pollution.

What are Solar Panels?

Allied Home are the Solar Panels and Air Source Heat Pumps Specialists

Select what services you want included in your package
The more services in your package the greater the potential saving

Solar Panels

High efficiency, 2020 models sized to fit all roofs

EV Chargepoint

Your EV Charger works in harmony with your solar system

Solar Batteries

Intelligent charging and fit systems of all sizes. Additional batteries can be added for extra capacity


25 year warranty on solar panels and a 10 year warranty on batteries

Octopus Energy Tariffs

Take advantage of lower cost energy prices

Online Monitoring

Monitor your usage, choose when your battery charges

Ensuring your roof is suitable for solar panels

Is my Roof suitable for Solar?

Even a roof that doesn’t fit the ideal requirements can still be suitable for solar panels. Solar installers will provide slightly differently advise about the most suitable way to maximise energy generation. They will also recommend additional technologies you can use to boost your supply.

If in doubt, get in touch with us to carry out a survey on your roof and give you projections for how much electricity you’ll be able to generate in an average year. You can then work out how long the ongoing electricity savings will take to pay you back on your initial investment.

Does Direction Matter?

The best type of roof for solar panels is a south facing roof as they tend to generate the most electricity from solar panels. South facing roof panels see the sun when it is at its most intense for the longest period of time, which is why they generate the most energy.

However, this doesn’t mean that east or west facing roofs can’t also be suitable for solar panels. If your roof faces another direction as you can likely still see plenty of benefit from installing a solar panel array. East and west facing roofs are also suitable for solar panels and will still see a good deal of energy generation throughout the course of the day. For example, an east facing roof will be exposed to sunlight in the morning whereas a west facing roof will take in more sunlight in the afternoon and evenings.


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